• Your company accrues Premier Points with SODEXO for every purchase of services and incentives

Sodexo is the world leader in services that improve the quality of life, for each purchase in Sodexo services and incentives your company accrues more Premier Points.

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Resto Pass

Resto Pass is the mobile canteen that guarantees the daily meals of the employees, increasing their productivity by reducing the rate of absenteeism due to illness.

Tienda Pass

Social security instrument that is granted through an electronic purse authorized by the SAT, which increases the purchasing power for the employee and their family, impacting on the productivity of the company, happiness and loyalty of the employees.

Uniforme pass

Uniforme Pass is a service that allows your collaborators to fulfil with the dress code and also provides a corporate image within the company.

Premium pass

Incentive and recognition program that improves the satisfaction of the internal and external public, increasing the performance of each company.

Live Well

Modular nutrition and wellness program that promotes healthy lifestyles, positively impacting the productivity of companies and improving the quality of life of employees.


Work tool that helps decrease the administrative processes of your company for fuel control of employees.