• Earn Premier Points with City Express Hotels

Now your company and employees can earn Premier Points for their business stays at the more than 150 City Express, City Centro, City Express Suites and City Express Plus Hotels in Mexico and Latin America.

  • Book

    Book your stay, select your destination and enjoy your business trip with the best rate.

  • Earn

    When checking-in at the destination hotel, your employee must present their Club Premier Member Number at front desk to earn Premier Points in their Individual Account.

  • Register

    Remember to request your invoice at the time of check-out and register it in our Retroactive Accumulations section by entering the Club Premier Corporate Account Number of your company so that both can earn Premier Points in their respective accounts.

Book from all over Mexico at: 800 248 9003, EU at +1 855 228 285, WhatsApp 5552498080, Hotels City Express Mobile App or at www.cityexpress.com.

If your employee did not earn their Premier Points at the time of the check-in, they can register them online

  • Log-in

    They must Log in with their individual Club Premier Member Account. 

  • Register

    Enter the details of the reservation on the retroactive accreditations page.

  • Receive your Points

    After the validation process your employee will be able to see the Premier Points on their individual Club Premier Account